About Us

Our company’s beginnings grew out of a desire by our founder, Natalie Lynn, to provide the highest quality tools of wisdom and empowerment to the new age segment of the population. With this motivation, she began the company in 1992 under the banner of providing “natural, handcrafted products for a new age.”All products offered by Natalie Lynn were handcrafted with clarity and intent within the company and that tradition still endures today.

After over 20 years, we are a busy company, producing and selling our wholesale products to retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. As a company, we all share the belief that quality, integrity, respect, and standing behind one’s product 100 percent are not just words that you say, but words that you live by. We are committed to creating the highest resonance, highest quality, greatest selling, tradition-based products possible. 

We hope you enjoy taking a look at some of the products that we’ve detailed for you on this site and we look forward to hearing from you!
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