Natalie Lynn Celtic Herbs

Natalie Lynn Celtic Herbs   Today, many are drawn to the culture and traditions of the ancient Celts, seeking their wisdom and inspiration.  Natalie Lynn has taken 20 herbs/trees considered sacred by the ancient Druids (celtic priests) and has packaged them with a brief discussion of the herb on the back of the package along with several  suggestions for working with each individual herb.

Each 3″ x  4″ package is retail priced at $4.50.


Your customers will be drawn to the quality, variety, and the easy usage of these herbs.


A list of currently available Celtic Herbs is below:


Ash Bark (for prosperity, love, protection)
Birch (for love, purification, protection)
Blessed Thistle (for protection, purification)
Cedar (for prosperity, protection, healing)
Elder (for protection, sleeping)
Hawthorn (for protection, happiness, fertility)
Irish Moss (for prosperity, protection)
Juniper (for love, protection, psychism)
Meadowsweet (for love, happiness)
Mint (for healing, love, purification)
Mistletoe (for love, protection)
Mugwort (for prosperity, love, protection)
Oak Bark (for prosperity, protection)
Rowan (for healing, protection, success, power)
St. John’s Wort (for protection, health, strength, love)
Trefoil (for luck, love, protection, negativity)
Vervain (for prosperity, love, purification)
Willow (for love, protection,healing)
Wood Betony (for nightmares, protection, purification)
Woodruff (for new protection)