Gifts of the Goddess Incense and Oil

Gifts of the goddess incense and oil

For those who choose to work with Her energy, the Goddess brings gifts of light, creativity, abundance, wisdom and magick!

Inspired by the Earth Goddess Danu, our Gifts of the Goddess incense and oil has quickly become a favorite. Both of these products can be used when one seeks to work with Her energy–to connect, to interpret, and to create…


Available as :

ESSENCE OIL (pictured)A magickal scent, magnetic and ethereal like the Goddess herself!
Comes in an affordable 1/2 dram (1/16 oz.) bottle.
Retail priced at $4.50 per bottle.

STICK INCENSE–Same great scent…Each package of 15 sticks is retail priced at $4.00 ea.


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